2022 World Championships – Bangkok, Thailand

With the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 World Championships due to COVID-19, Ireland has chosen to move their 2022 championship dates to a later year.

WAMSB International is pleased to  grant official sanction to Bangkok, Thailand as host of the 2022 World Championships. 

“With the challenges of the pandemic, Ireland felt it was prudent to move their event back, which now allows Thailand to host. Thailand was originally planning to host the championships in 2020, so they are  thrilled to be able to host an incredible event in 2022.” said Chris Herard, Communications officer for WAMSB International. “Thailand had done so much planning before the pandemic struck, so this is really the best case scenario to ensure the 2022 Championships are world class” he added. 


2023 World Championships


January 1, 2021

Robert Eklund, President & CEO  of the World Association of Marching Showbands (WAMSB) is pleased to announce the 2023 World Championships will be held in Buckhannon, West Virginia July 17-24, 2023. More information will be released very soon on the event and how to be involved.

For more information, please contact Chris Herard, Director of Communications, WAMSB International.



COVID-19 Response – 2020 World Championships

Official Press Release 

2020 WC Thailand Covid Announcement


In response to the global pandemic, WAMSB International, and Music and Marching Arts International Association (Thailand) have decided to postpone the 2020 WAMSB World Championships until further notice.

Bangkok, Thailand: WAMSB International together with Music and Marching Arts International Association are saddened to announce the disruption of the 2020 WAMSB World Championships for Marching Show Bands set to take place in Thailand this July. With the World Health Organization declaring a global pandemic with the COVID-19 virus, WAMSB International and Music and Marching Arts International Association have decided to postpone the 2020 WAMSB World Championships until further notice. The health and safety of our members, participants, judges, volunteers and staff are our first priority.

This situation will continue to be closely monitored by both WAMSB and Music and Marching Arts International to ensure the safest environment for all performing groups and audience members. 

Updates will be provided as they become available. 

We wish all of our friends around the world good health and safe living.

2020 Rasteder Musiktage – 2021 World Championship Qualifying information…

March, Marchingparade, Show und Concert Contest

Qualifying to the World Championship 2021 Rastede – Germany

65 Years International „Rasteder Musiktage!

Drum Corps Europe Contest (DCE)

World Associaton of Marching Show Band (WAMSB)
European Open Championship

Dear Musicans,
In this letter we will make the International Days of Music accessible for you. 65 Years we as the association of Rasteder Musiktage e. V. organizing one of the famous music festivals all over Europe. We made it our business to bring the people together, sharing the music out in a friendly way. Every Year more than 3.000 musicians with 10 nationalities will come to Rastede. They challenge each other in 100 assessments. The bands are competing in different categories against each other. You can take a part in this festival presenting your music to an audience of more than 8.000 people.  We are looking forward to seeing you and your band next year at one of the oldest music festivals in one of the beautifulness countryside in the north-western of Germany.

If youre interested in further information about us and the International
Days of Music please visit or webpage www.rastedermusiktage.de / www.facebook.com/rastedermusiktage or Contact us per Mail.

Marsch, Marschparade, Show und Konzert Wettbewerb

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
wir sind Veranstalter eines der größten und schönsten Musikveranstaltungen dieser Art in Europa und möchten Ihnen die Internationalen Rasteder Musiktage vorstellen. Seit 65zig Jahren veranstalten wir unsere Rasteder Musiktage. Der Verein, Rasteder Musiktage e.V. hat sich insbesondere die Aufgabe gestellt, interessierte Musikvereine zusammenzuführen und in freundschaftlicher Weise die Musik zu pflegen, zu fördern und zu verbreiten. 3000 Musiker und Musikerinnen aus 10 Nationen musizieren vor ca. 8000 Zuschauern und stellen sich bei 100 Wertungskämpfen der internationalen Jury.
Zur Ausspielung gelangen die 15. Offene Europameisterschaft.
Die Internationalen Rasteder Musiktage sind stets darum bemüht, Musikvereine und Kapellen aus der ganzen Welt, nach Rastede zu bekommen. Es handelt sich hier um Spielmannszüge, Fanfarenzüge, Showbands, Drum Corps, Orchester, Tanzgruppen und Schuhplattlern. In den vergangenen 64zig Jahren waren schon 33 Nationen in Rastede zu Gast. Schon vor dem Fall der Mauer waren z.B. Vereine und Gruppen aus Polen und der DDR in Rastede. In den letzten Jahren wurden auch die Anfragen aus Ost und Süd Europa immer mehr.
Wir würden uns freuen, Ihren Verein in 2020 bei einem der ältesten Musikfestivals im Norden von Deutschland begrüßen zu können. Weitere
Informationen finden Sie auch auf unserer Homepage www.rastedermusiktage.de / www.facebook.com/rastedermusiktage.

Mit musikalischen Grüßen/ Best Regards
Rasteder Musiktage e.V.
Stefan Scheffler

Tel. +49-4402-82822
Fax +49-4402-986634

Besuchen Sie uns im Internet:


2020 WAMSB Annual General Meeting

The 2020 WAMSB Annual General Meeting will be held December 18, 2019 at 1:00 PM (Central Standard Time) at the Hilton and Towers in Chicago, IL,  USA during the Midwest Clinic. The room will be posted in the Midwest Clinic program and on the notice board of the Hilton.   

All are welcome to attend.

If you would like to attend online, contact us and we will send you instructions of how to join the meeting. 

Celtic Band Festival

A note from the festival director:

Dear Friends

We’re now only 7 weeks away from our festival in Limerick and I wanted to reach out to all of our judges and VIP guests and give you all an update.

As it’s our inaugural year, we’ve been busy laying the groundwork for the festival. Making sure we have a well-constructed event management plan including all policies and procedures for the wellbeing and safety of our musicians, guests, and volunteers. This set’s us up nicely for future festivals and wins the trust of our both our commercial and local authority partners.

Earlier in the month, we launched a new website which will be added to over the coming weeks with details of the competitions, rules, and news. You can check it out at www.celticbandfest.com. This new website will allow us to start promoting our festival for future years. We’ve opened registration for both our 2020 and 2021 festival and have already received quite a bit of interest. Thanks to everyone for spreading the news of the new festival!

Our Irish bands are excited at the prospect of the new festival and will attend events throughout the two days in good numbers. Our hope is that over the coming years,  this multi-disciplinary festival will encourage bands to participate in events and performances that they previously wouldn’t have considered.

Judges and VIP guests will be contacted over the coming days by Lorna from the festival team to help them make arrangements. If you have any questions at all, please contact me or Lorna over the coming days and weeks.




Keith Kelly | Festival Director

M: +353 86 1683220 | E: director@celticbandfest.com

www.celticbandfest.comFacebook | Twitter

Welcome to our 22nd Affiliate – WAMSB India!

We are pleased to welcome India to WAMSB International! We are thrilled to support the marching band activity in India and look forward to many wonderful events.

2019 Sanctioned events include the India National Championships being held August 28-31, 2019 and the Asia Pacific International Schools Marching Band Championship being held in Bengaluru from October 2-5, 2019! More information will follow.