Non-Sanctioned Events

Classified & Recommended by WAMSB for Band Participation

WAMSB classifies quality events that are operated under the governance of recognized organizations — these events are highly recommended by WAMSB as quality events of their type. In unique circumstances, it may be possible for a band to qualify for a WAMSB event at a non-sanctioned event. 

WAMSB rules and regulations do not apply at these events. If an event is not classified, one or more of the following applies:

  • The event’s governance body did not request a sanction from WAMSB International,
  • The event is held in a nation where WAMSB does not yet have an official Affiliate,
  • WAMSB had insufficient information on the event to classify it, or
  • The event did not meet required standards for classification.

Level I — International championship events
Level II — International events
Level III — National championship events
Level IV — National events
Level V — Regional events

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