New Affiliates, Competitions, Training and 2025 World Championship Applications

WAMSB International is pleased to inform our members of many exciting developments, including welcoming our 26th and 27th National Affiliates to the WAMSB family.  Official announcements will be happening soon.  

Many competitions are now being organized and are running post-pandemic.  We are so excited to hear of the events now happening again around the world.  Let us know about yours!

Applications for the 2025 World Championships will open soon.  We are working closely with the host organizing committee and will soon be able to accept applications to participate! Applications for 2024 in Rastede, Germany are open now.  

The 2023 World Championships in Buckhannon, West Virginia, USA are going to be the finest yet – we will be releasing many exciting initiatives and plans very soon.  If you can’t join us in person, stay in touch with our social media pages and this website.