Keith Bearden Mr.   Keith   Bearden,   Professor   Emeritus,   retired from   Texas   Tech   University   in   May   2003   after 23   years   as   director   of   the   Goin’   Band   from   Raiderland   and Associate   Director   of   Bands.   In   addition,   he   conducted   the University   Symphonic   Band,   the   Court   Jesters   Basketball Band,   played   trumpet   in   the   Faculty   Brass   Quintet,   taught classes    in    conducting/music    education,    and    co-directed the Texas Tech summer music camps. Professor   Bearden   started   his   career   as   band   director   in Jayton,   TX.   After   only   one   year,   he   was   drafted   into   the military.   He   auditioned   for   the   USAF   Academy   Band   and had    the    honor    of    serving    as    principal    trumpet    in    the Academy   concert   band   and   brass   quintet.   He   was   also   a member   of   the   Falconaires   Jazz   Ensemble.   Following   his completion    of    military    service,    he    enjoyed    six    more successful   years   of   public   school   teaching   in Albany,   and   at Lubbock   Monterey.   His   bands   were   consistent   winners   in concert, marching, jazz on both state and national levels. In   1980   he   was   appointed   associate   director   of   bands   and director   of   the   Goin’   Band   from   Raiderland   at   Texas   Tech University.   In   1979   he   was   honored   by   Phi   Beta   Mu   as Texas’    Outstanding    Young    Bandmaster.    He    became    a member   of   Phi   Beta   Mu’s Alpha   (Texas)   chapter   in   1981.   He later   served   Alpha   as   vice   president   and   president.   He   is the   newly   elected   president   of   Phi   Beta   Mu   International. He   has   also   served   Phi   Beta   Mu   International   as   a   board member,      outstanding      bandmaster      chair,      and      vice president.   He   is   an   active   member   and   past   president   of Texas   Music   Adjudicators   Association.   He   is   a   member   of the   Texas   Bandmasters   Association,   Texas   Music   Educators Association,    Pi    Kappa    Lambda,    Phi    Mu    Alpha,    and    a lifetime   member   of   Kappa   Kappa   Psi.   He   has   served   as   a board   member   of   the   John   Philip   Sousa   Foundation,   and   is a member of the Sudler Shield selection committee. During   his   distinguished   tenure   at   Texas   Tech   University, Professor    Bearden    was    honored    as    Outstanding    Faculty Member   by   Omicron   Delta   Kappa   and   Mortar   Board,   and   in 1999   his   Goin’   Band   from   Raiderland   received   the   nation’s highest   award   for   collegiate   marching   bands;   the   Sudler Trophy,   presented   by   the   John   Philip   Sousa   Foundation.   He was   honored   for   40   years   of   association   as   camper,   college worker,   instructor,   and   camp   director   of   the   Texas   Tech summer   band   and   orchestra   camp.   Other   honors   include Kappa   Kappa   Psi’s   Distinguished   Service   to   Music   Medal, Texas    Tech’s    Department    of    Residence    Life’s    Professing Excellence     Award,     the     Lubbock     Independent     School District’s    Meritorious    Service    Award,    the    Texas    Tech Committed   of   Champions   Meritorious   Service   Award,   The Goin’   Band   Alumni   Ken   Porter   Service   Award,   the   Texas Tech Alumni Association’s   Distinguished   Service Award,   and the    Texas    Tech    School    of    Music’s    Distinguished    Alumni Award.    He    has    also    received    the    Texas    Bandmasters Lifetime Meritorious Achievement Award. In   2013,   he   was   inducted   into   the   Texas   Bandmasters   Hall of   Fame.   With   a   heart   for   helping   develop   the   skills   of young   musicians,   Professor   Bearden   remains   active   as   a guest   clinician/conductor   for   numerous   Texas   schools   as well   as   honor   groups   across   the   United   States.   He   is   very active   as   an   adjudicator   in   both   concert   and   marching contests/festivals   across   the   country.   He   serves   as   concert band    adjudicator    for    Festival    Disney    in    Orlando    each spring.   At   the   international   level,   he   is   a   member   of   the board    and    a    member    of    the    adjudication    jury    for    the World   Association   of   Marching   Show   Bands.   He   has   judged in    Ireland,    Malaysia,    Canada,    Brazil,    Japan,    Germany, Thailand and the Philippines. In    2015    he    co-hosted    a    director’s    tour    to    Japan    for observation   of   band   techniques   and   to   attend   the   Japan Wind   Ensemble   Concert   competition.   He   will   serve   on   the adjudication   panel   for   WAMSB   in   Kuala   Lumpur,   Malaysia   in August 2016. Outside   of   music,   Professor   Bearden   enjoys   family,   golf and   restoring   classic   cars.   His   wife   June   is   a   middle   school band     director     in     the     Frendship     Independent     School District.    They    are    members    of    the    Lakeridge    United Methodist    Church    in    Lubbock.    They    have    2    sons,    four grandchildren living in Lubbock and Anchorage, Alaska.
Keith Bearden
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