Canon Huang Born   in   1963,   Canon   Huang   has   studied   wind ensemble   conducting   methods   from   master   Chuin   Liou. Since   1986,.   Canon   Huang   is   the   pioneer   in   introducing   the art   of   concert   band,   marching   band   and   jazz   ensemble   to Taiwan,    and    he    has    contributed    tremendously    in    the development of wind ensembles and marching bands. From   1993   to   1996,   Canon   Huang   attended   the   Berklee College   of   Music   for   further   education   in   jazz   music   with masters    include    Jeff    Stout    in    trumpet,    and    Frank    L. Battisti   in   conducting   methods.   After   returning   to   Taiwan, he   actively   participated   events   in   promotion   of   the   wind band   music   and   also   held   many   concerts,   summer   camps, and     conferences     in     all     different     cities     in     Taiwan. Combining     the     eastern     culture     and     western     music traditions     in     performances,     Canon     Huang     is     widely acknowledged    for    his    innovative    spirit    and    his    brilliant achievement. Meanwhile,   he   conducted   at   the   time   were   acknowledged for   their   excellent   performances   in   Taiwan   Band   Contest. Canon   Huang   is   often   invited   to   China   to   conduct   and teach   marching   bands   and   wind   ensembles.   Canon   Huang is   also   known   for   his   effort   in   organizing   the   Taiwan   Clinics (2007~2016),      Taiwan      International      Marching      Band Competition     (2015~2016),     and     because     of     his     great contribution, the evens turned out to be remarkable. Canon   Huang   is   currently   a   Band   Director   in   Taiwan   and   he also    serves    as    the    Chairman    of    Taiwan    Band    Director Association,    Taiwan    Marching    Band    Association    and    Art Consultant   of   China   Marching   Percussion   Association.   In 2016   Canon   was   invited   to   serve   as   the   board   director   of WAMSB (World association of Marching Show Band).
Canon Huang
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