André   de   Oliveira    is   a   member   of   the Phi   Beta   Mu   Alpha   chapter,   Texas.   He   studied music   at   the   Banda   Marcial   Pallotti   Institute Vincent   Pallotti   &   the   School   of   Music   College   of   Sao   Joao and    is    a    conductor    of    bands.    He    studied    brass    at    the Federal   University   of   Rio   Grande   do   Sul   &   studied   theory, brass,   harmony   &   conducting   in   the   Music   School   of   the Symphony   Orchestra   of   Porto   Alegre.   He   holds   a   degree   in education   from   the   Faculdade   Porto   Alegrense   where   he also   undertook   post-graduate   work   in   music   history.   He   is   a member   of   the   Rio   Grande   do   Bands   Federation   South   & Founding   member   of   the AGB   State Association.   He   and   his bands    have    participation    in    several    WAMSB    events    and meetings   around   the   world.   He   is   a   President   of   WAMSB Brazil   during   which   time   he   founded   WAMSB   South America in   &   organized   the   1st   South American   Festival   of   Bands   & organized   the   9th   World   Championships   in   Brazil   and   held the   first   Brazilian   Championship   of   Marching   Bands.   He developed    community    band    Projects    for    disadvantaged children.   He   directed   the   Professional   level   Concert   band Banda    Municipal    de    Porto    Alegre    for    two    years.    And volunteered   at   two   South American   Championships.   For   25 Years   he   trained   the   young   musicians   of   the   Banda   Marcial Sao Marcos of the Alvorada.
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André de Oliveira
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