Nipatdh   Kanchanahuta    is   a   graduate   of the   Department   of   Music,   Faculty   of   Fine   and Applied    Arts    at    Chulalongkorn    University    in Bangkok.     A   member   of   the   Bangkok   Symphony Orchestra     for     eight     years.          Studied     Marching     Band development   and   methods   with   Mr.   Makoto   Fukuda,   the senior   Japanese   marching   band   expert.   In   1990   he   was   a participant   in   the   “1st   ASEAN   Symphonic   Band   Workshop” in   Singapore.      During   1992   and   was   selected   to   participate in   the   “Asian   Youth   Orchestra   Music   Camp   and   Concert Tours.      Currently   he   holds   a   Master   of   Music   degree   in Wind   conducting   from   University   of   North   Texas,   Denton TX,   U.S.A.   where   he   was   a   master’s   conducting   associate at   University   of   North   Texas   Wind   Studies   as   well   as   guest conductor    of    North    Texas    Wind    Symphony,    North    Texas Symphonic    Band,    and    North    Texas    Concert    band.    A graduate   teaching   assistant   in   Wind   Conducting   for   Prof. Eugene   M.   Corporon   and   Prof.   Dennis   W.   Fisher.   2004   2007   Nipatdh   was   the   drill   formation   designer   of   “The Green   Brigade”   UNT   Marching   Band   and   a   horn   player   with the North Texas Wind Symphony. Nipatdh   is   regarded   as   one   of   Thailand's   most   experienced drill   formation   designers.   He   has   conducted   workshops   in drill   design   at   the   Symposium   of   World   Championship   for Marching   Show   Bands   in   Taubate,   Brazil   and   a   wind   band lecturer   in   Sao   Paulo,   Brazil.   In   1998,   he   was   selected   to be   the   Drill   Formation   Director   for   opening   and   closing ceremonies of the ‘13th ASIAN GAMES’. Nipatdh   has   served   as   one   of   the   jury   members   of   Show Band   Competition   and   Concert   Percussion   Competitions   at the    World    Music    Contest    in    2005    and    in    2009.    He participated     in     the     3rd     International     Round     Table Conference   at   Rolduc   Conference   Center.      Nipat   has   been a   jury   member   of   previous   World   Marching   Show   Band Championships    in    Calgary    Canada,    Potsdam    Germany, Chiba   Japan,   Monza   Italy,   Bournmouth   England,   Taubate Brazil,   and   Jeju   South   Korea.   Twice   a   jury   panel   member of   the   “Grand   National   Marching   Band   Competition”   for the Singapore Ministry of Education. As    band    director,    Nipatdh    led    the    Wat    Suthiwararam Concert    &    Marching    to    the    World    Marching    Show    Band Championships   in   July   1999   in   Sydney Australia   where   they received   the   highest   score   in   Drum   Corps   band   category   in the   Open   class,   First   division.   In   January   -   July   1993,   as the   representative   of   Ministry   of   Education,   he   led   Sura- Nari    Suthiwararam,    a    Marching    Band    of    Thailand    to participate   in   the   “12th   World   Music   Contest”   in   Kerkrade receiving   a   Gold   Prize   with   Distinction   and   the   Horwang Marching   Band   during   the   13th   World   Music   Contest   in   July 1997   in   Kerkrade   where   the   band   also   received   a   Gold Prize    with    Distinction.    In    July    1998,    he    led    Sarasit Phithayalai   School   Band   to   the1998   World   Marching   Show Band    Championships,    London    England    and    received    the Division Champion & Highest Scoring Junior Band. In   1995   –   1998,   Nipat   was   the   Head   of   Wind   Instruments Studies   at   the   Music   Campus   for   General   Public   College   of Music,    Mahidol    University.    He    has    been    the    wind    band program   advisor   of   SMK   Chong   Hua   Miri,   Sarawak,   Malaysia since   2008.      In   2009   He   conducted   the   Kasetsart   University Wind   Symphony   in   the   Singapore   Esplanade   Concert   Hall. Presently   Nipatdh   is   a   full   time   faculty   at   Department   of Western      Music,      Faculty      of      Humanities,      Kasetsart University.    During    his    three    years    as    a    Conductor    in Residence   of   Kasetsart   University   Wind   Symphony,   Nipat has   collaborated   with   many   world   class   musicians   namely Prof.    Boris    Berman,    professor    from    Yale    University,    Dr. Indhuon     Srikaranonda     from     Thailand     and     Dr.Timothy Thompson,   from   the   University   of Arkansas.   In   February   of last     year     Nipatdh     was     invited     by     Professor     Gordon Henderson   to   be   a   featured   guest   conductor   for   the   UCLA Wind   Ensemble   where   he   also   worked   with   performance and music education students.
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Nipatdh Kanchanahuta
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